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Cryptogames Casino Review

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The Bonuses page at Cryptogames casino is currently “temporarily disabled.” This has been the status quo for quite some time now, according to some regular players. So at the time of this review process, the casino did not have any pending bonus except the extremely attractive Faucet bonus, which is basically free money for just visiting this casino! Overview

As far as casino website designs go, Cryptogames has an unusually innocent feel to it, thanks to the loud pastel colors and cartoon graphics. The whole page could be mistaken for some toddler’s website which, come to think of it, is not a bad disguise for an online casino!

Questionable aesthetics aside, there is nothing wrong about the functionality of the website. Everything is well organized, with all the menus easy to reach and open. The casino is also helped in this regard by a very limited games selection. has been around for quite a while now, having launched in 2015. They are completely focused on players who need that extra level of privacy and anonymity during online casino gaming. And they are extremely committed to their user-base in this regard.

In fact, this bitcoin casino is among the new generation of crypto casinos which have automated the user account creation process. In other casinos, you have to spend minutes signing up, adding your email, contact address, and other details into a fairly intrusive registration process.

Here at Cryptogames, they have done away with all that. They don’t even ask you for your name, ID, of location. All you need to do is visit the site and they will have a temporary account ready for you.

This is basically a disposable account, much like a burner phone that you see in crime thrillers. You can use it for short casual gambling sessions. The account is closed when you leave the casino website. And the next time you visit, the casino will create a fresh account for you.

This approach has many advantages, and time-saving is just one among them. Since the casino does not have much data on you at their servers, it causes much less of a security risk to your online privacy.

If players want to use their temporary Cryptogames account exactly like a regular online casino account, they do have the freedom to do that. All you need to do is to visit your Account page, select the setting tab, and provide your email ID and a secure password for your account. Now you have a regular casino account and wallet that you can access from multiple devices.

Another amazing feature is the Provably Fair games available at this casino. All casino games use mathematical formulas called RNG to deliver completely random results every time you place a wager.

But in Provably Fair games, the casino allows you to look into the workings of the RNG software. This can be used to find out if the casino is trying to influence the numbers in its flavor. Provably fair games are extremely trustworthy, and they are also catching on in popularity as well.

Here are a few facts:

  • Players should be above 18 to use this site
  • Players can play all games for free using Fun Points
  • To play with cash, players have to deposit bitcoins
  • Players from countries where online gambling is banned are discouraged from placing bets
  • Like most bitcoin casinos, Cryptogames also does not have a gambling license

Software and Games at is a casino that belongs to a very exclusive club - it makes its own casino games and software. The anonymous casino is pretty secretive about its own details. There is no information regarding the software partners, if any, that they have collaborated with to produce this website.

What we do know is that the casino website does a commendable job on both Windows PCs as well as Android and iOS devices. This indicates that the casino has used HTML5 technology for maximum compatibility with all social media users.

Software Providers

Here is yet another puzzling, yet not so demystifying feature about this casino - it does not source its games from any vendor on the market, not even a solitary one. All the games are created in house by the casino operators. Their collection is small and the ‘no frills’ type when compared to more modern slots from vendors like Netent and Microgaming.


The total number of games available at is low. However, we hope to see the collection grow in the near future. The casino currently offers just six games in total.

While slots and arcade games feature prominently at the Cryptogames casino library, genres like card games, live dealer games, and video poker are all absent here. The most likely reason is that those games require more budget and resources to create.

Regardless of the reason, definitely needs to add some more games in the near future if they want to attract more players to the casino. The current collection is nothing short of unsustainable, despite the relative quality of the games.

One of the positive highlights of the games at is the option of unlimited free gaming. By choosing the option of “Fun Money” from the menu for choice of cryptocurrency, players can actually play these games for virtual cash points. This is like a sort of demo mode for the games at this casino.

Also, most of the games have very generous RTP levels which you will not find elsewhere. In fact, there are games where the casino house edge is as low as 1%. Plus, as we already explained earlier, these games all come with provably fair RNG, which is a very big deal indeed.

Let’s take a quick look at the different games currently available at

Tropical Dream Slots

As the name suggests, this is a slots game and a 5-reel one at that. Its theme is the sun, sand, and beaches of a tropical paradise, replete with lush plants, flowers, and of course, bikini-clad hotties. There are also images of cocktails, coconuts, and seashells to complete the picture.

The game has 20 unique paylines and advanced features like Wild and Scatter Symbols. The RTP is quite good in this slot, with a guaranteed percentage of 97.05.

Stellar Slots

While you may think that this is a totally different slots game that is not entirely true. The game is a 5-reel slot with a theme evocative of the Jetsons, with rockets, aliens, and satellites in space. But that is all there is differentiating this slot game from Tropical Dream.

Everything underneath is identical, right down to the paylines, Wild and Scatter symbol functions, and even the RTP. So if you hate the bright beach theme of Tropical Dream, you might enjoy the darker ambiance presented by Stellar Slots.


This is a very bare-bones game of chance available at Cryptogames casino. In fact, it does not even have much of a graphical interface. It is a very simple game where you pick a number between 0 and 99 and choose to roll high or low. The RTP of this game is very high at 99%.


This casino spin on the classic Windows game fares much better as it has a pleasant graphical design. The playing area is a tropical island, and you start at one end of it. There are 3 rows and six columns.

You play by placing your bet and then selecting which box you will step on. The aim is to reach the treasure chest at the other end of the field without detonating a mine. If you reach the other side safely, you win.

Minesweeper is one of the better games at this casino and has an RTP of 96%. If you want a bigger challenge, you can increase the size of the playing area, just like in the original classic.

777 Slots

With just three reels, this classic slots game is simplicity personified in a casino game. All it takes is a simple click of the button. The combination of symbols you get with each spin determines your payout.

The game has a decent RTP of 95.14%.

Wheel of Fortune

This Wheel of Fortune is actually three separate wheels rolled into one package. Each of them has different multipliers spread out across the rim. The wheels all have unique graphics themes, like Steampunk, Cyber, and some sort of Fiesta. RTP also varies between 95.29 and 98.23 depending on the wheel you opt for.

Mobile Games at is a very versatile online casino. Thanks to its HTML5 architecture, the casino is playable on Windows PCs, Mac OS X computers, Android phones, and iPhones and iPads as well. All six games work flawlessly on mobile screens, as they should.

You can gamble for real money and fun at these games on your mobile devices.

You only need three things for crypto gambling on your mobile device at

  1. An Android or iOS device
  2. A working internet connection
  3. An HTML5 compatible browser

Banking at

As this is a hardcore crypto casino, the banking options are predictably limited to crypto-currencies. While there are over a dozen popular currencies out there in the world of crypto, this website only works with three of them:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin

As for ordinary options like credit cards, bank transfer, and online wallets, none of these are accepted by the casino. If you are not into bitcoins, this is definitely not an option for you.

The three cryptocurrencies can be used for both deposits as well as withdrawals by the players.

The following are a few rules on making deposits and withdrawals at

  • Players need to make at least two confirmed deposits before they are eligible for withdrawals
  • Deposits are mandatory for all players who wish to place real cash bets at the casino
  • Players do not need to register to make deposits at the casino
  • Withdrawals are usually credited to the same bitcoin wallets used for making the deposit
  • Players should not use wallets that are not completely owned by them for deposits and withdrawals at this casino
  • The crypto-wallet account at the casino can be made permanent by registering your account using an email ID and password
  • All withdrawal requests worth under 3BTC in total per 24 hours, is cleared immediately by the casino
  • If the value of withdrawals exceeds 3BTC within a 24 hour period, the casino will take 48 hours to perform a security verification check
  • The withdrawal amount cannot be less than 0.002BTC or its equivalent in other currencies
  • The casino will charge a nominal fee of 0.0005BTC for every withdrawal request

Customer Support

The customer support at Cryptogames could definitely do with some improvements. For now, there is only one contact option - an email id Though they have a live chat window at the website, it is open to all the visitors and does not feature any casino staff themselves.

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