Aliens Slot From NetEnt

Aliens is a 5-reel, 3-row, and 25-payline real money online slot machine game from NetEnt. This online slot has no mobile version and benefits from having only 25 paylines because your winnings are increased by default. In slots that have selectable paylines, you'll only get paid for a single payline.

For example, when betting on all paylines on a 40-payline slot, you need to win 40 times your bet to break even. Aliens gives you 25 times your bet with most of its symbols and just 5 out of 30 combinations will give you less than that. You can usually win sums of 20 to 30 times your bet and this can even go up to 1,000 times your bet if you end up getting really lucky.

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About Aliens Slot From NetEnt

Aliens is a licensed slot game from NetEnt based on the Alien versus Predator franchise. The series pits two villains from two other franchises against each other, namely the face-hugging, human-impregnating Aliens versus the interstellar alien hunter known as the Predator. As the poster for the 2004 film boasts, no matter which side wins, we (humans) lose.

The movie was directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and involves billionaire Charles Bishop assembling a team of explorers led by Lex Woods in order to investigate a mysterious heat increase near Antarctica. There the team of explorers discover an ancient underground pyramid of human remains and encounter a war going on between Aliens and Predators. The first Alien film which was released in 1979 takes place in the future in the year 2122.

Where To Get Aliens Slot No Deposit Codes

In the case of the Aliens online slot game, there are a number of top online casinos that have linked their no deposit free spin bonuses with this high-quality and highly rated NetEnt video slot. Because of these no deposit bonuses, you can play Aliens by NetEnt for free and not deposit any of your own money.

Just about every online casino has a special bonus offer for new players. Most of these bonuses come in the form of no deposit bonuses which gives new players the option of trying out online casino games without spending their own money. To get your free spins, find an online casino that has a no deposit offer and the Alien vs. Predator online slot game.

How To Claim Aliens Slot Free Spins - A Step by Step Guide

Claiming free spins for the Aliens slot is usually a breeze. Players will have to register for a new online casino account and once they complete their registration, the no deposit bonus is automatically credited to their accounts. There are a few online casinos that will allow you to click and play with the free spins intact without registering an account. However, most online casinos will require you to create a new user account. The most reliable of these online casinos are those partnered and regulated by NetEnt to distribute their licensed slot machine game.

During the account registration process, you will need to provide personal information including your full name, telephone number, email address, street address, date of birth, gender, username, and password before proceeding. After logging in, then you can open the Aliens online slot game and take advantage of the bonus which should automatically be credited to your account.



Why is Aliens Slot So Popular?

The Alien and Predator franchise remains popular and relevant as the movie created fans all over the world. So does the Predator franchise. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. The Aliens Slot game has a plot that's pretty much like those found in first-person shooters. You go from level to level until you fight a boss, then you win. However this time, the final levels are presented as bonus rounds and when you win, you get money for your win. You also get eye-popping Alien vs. Predator animations for wild substitutions and free spins.

Apart from this, there is not much interaction with its bonus features or main game. You just click on the slot and let it all play out before you, like a traditional fruits-and-numbers slot machine game but this time around, there's a licensed franchise theme attached to it. However, there's something about the Aliens combination that makes it fun to play.

Free Spins and Wagering Requirement

Online casinos have made the process of claiming these no deposit free spins bonuses quite simple. Even those who aren't computer savvy can figure out the process very quickly. The one thing that you must keep in mind before proceeding with your no deposit free spins, is that you must take the time to read the terms and conditions carefully. This is because all bonuses come with a wagering requirement. For instance, a free spin bonus with a 25 times requirement (like with the AVP Slots) means if you banked $100, you should make at least $2,500 in bets before you can cash in your wins.

After using up your free spins, all the winnings you've gathered will be considered as bonus money. This leftover cash is then subject to withdrawal limits, wagering requirements along with other terms and conditions.

More About The Game

The 2004 movie release went with a tag line that no matter who wins between the Alien and Predator, humans will end up losing. The online slot machine game gives humans (you) the opportunity to change that perception and win against the Alien and Predator.

The game sticks closely to the 2004 movie source it's based on. It's one of the more action-packed slots games too, with a lot going around in the background as you go from one spin to the next.

The better you are with the spins, the more you will be able to unlock the game's straightforward yet stimulating story. The best part is when you get the alien symbol on each of the first three reels to activate the Egg Bonus Round. You'll then be taken to the Egg Room, where you'll choose one of seven eggs. The Predator then slashes the egg you've chosen, revealing which multiplier is yours to keep or receive the next bonus round, which involves the Predator choosing one of six aliens to eliminate.

Paylines: 25
Reels: 5
Rows: 3
Symbols: 10 (various AVP characters like the Xenomorph, Alien Queen, Face-Hugger, and so forth)
Wilds: Yes
Scatter: Yes
Random Expanding Wild: Yes
Free Spins: Yes
Re-Spins: Yes
Maximum Payout: 570,000 Coins
Early Stops: No
Autoplay: Yes
Gamble: Yes
Return to Player: 96.4%
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