How To Claim Free Spins on Piggy Riches

If you love playing no deposit slot games, then we know you love free spins. After all, it's the chance to beat the casino using house money. What's not to like? Free spins can be part of a welcome bonus or even ongoing promotional bonuses, but however you come across them they are always good news. We have found some great online casinos offering bonuses on the classic Piggy Riches game from NetEnt. If you are a regular slot gamer then you are probably already familiar with this game. If not, then you will be in for a treat. Read on to find out how and where to find your free spins for the famous Piggy Riches slot game.

Play Piggy Riches for Free

Example of Piggy Riches Free Spins Casino:

A great example of a casino offering Piggy Riches No Deposit Free Spins is Guts Casino.

The process of claiming your free spins at Guts is really simple

First you need to register an account. This is a safe, quick and easy process. Once you are logged in, within a few seconds the casinos will pop up a message to ask you whether you are ready to play with your free spins, so activation of this offer is automatic.


Play with Free Spins at Guts Casino Players from US are not accepted

Guts Casino offers players 20 free spins
Automatic after registering.


All About Piggy Riches

Piggy Riches is a fan-favorite slot game from NetEnt, released all the way back in 2010 but still super-popular to this day. At first glance, you may wonder just exactly why this game has earned such enduring popularity. After all, the graphics are a little quaint and the sound effects are cheesiness personified. But after you start playing a few spins you'll realise that there are a whole lot of reasons to fall for the charms of Piggy Riches.


Why is Piggy Riches so Popular?

There is a massive jackpot of up to 360,000 on offer, you can see why this game has proved enduringly popular over the years. The wins come fast and furious and the return to player of 96.4% is certainly fair. Plus you just start to appreciate the comically drawn characters and the fun to be had from playing this ageless slot game classic. It may look a little dated compared to some of the latest video slot games out there, but as soon as you start playing you will appreciate the piggy pleasures of this game.

  • Release Date - Sep-2010
  • Pay-lines - 15
  • Max Jackpot - 360,000
  • Return to Player - 96.4%

How To Play Piggy Riches with free spins

Once you have claimed your free spins, all you need to do is to locate the Piggy Riches game from the ‘slots' section of your chosen casino. Click on the link and you'll be taken to the game. Before game-play begins a message will appear telling you that you have free spins to use. The actual game-play is exactly the same as if you were using real money, there is no difference. Except for the very important difference that these spins are on the house!

How Do I claim and activate my free spins?

Claiming your free spins is easy. All you have to do is to follow one of the links we provide at the end of the article, and then claim the offer from that casino. There are different ways to claim a bonus, the easiest of which is when you are automatically given your free spins upon registration or your first deposit. Then you just need to go to the Piggy Riches game and start playing. Sometimes an offer code is required when you make your deposit in order to claim the bonus. Alternatively, you may be asked to select a bonus option from a dropdown menu in the deposit section of your account. If in doubt, just get on the live chat to speak to a member of the casino's customer support team and they will be glad to help you out.

What do I need to know about playing with the free spins?

There's nothing different about playing with free spins, except for the very important point that you are playing with the casino's coin! Just enjoy Piggy Riches as you normally would, as the game play does not change at all when you are using free spins. What changes is the fact that it's not costing you a penny to play, and anything you win will be yours to keep. You will normally have to complete wagering requirements to withdraw, but more of that anon.

How do I know when my free spins are used up?

As you play, you will see a counter at the bottom of the game telling you how many free spins you have got left. When that gets down to zero then it's time to find out how much you've won in total. In case you aren't paying attention to the ticket, a message will appear on screen to tell you that your free spins have run out. If you want to keep playing then you will have to start using your own money from that point on.

What happens when I win?

When you start playing Piggy Riches with your free spins, hopefully you will start hitting some winning combos. You will see your balance increase as the wins add up. The money that you make here will not become instantly withdrawable though. Before you can withdraw, you must complete wagering requirements as your winnings from free spins are treated like bonus money. We will go into wagering requirements in a little more detail below.

What happens if I lose?

There's an old saying that goes ‘if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!' That's good advice in this case as well, because we have got plenty of free spin offers for you to choose from. Hopefully you will hit on some good wins during your initial free spins, but from time to time luck just doesn't go your way. It happens, but the best thing to do is to dust yourself down and try again. You can't be unlucky every time! Just go back to the list at the bottom of this article and pick out a different offer.

Register with that casino and then you'll have the chance to play Piggy Riches with free spins again, and hopefully this time you will separate that Piggy from some of his Riches!

How do I cash out my free spins winnings?

We mentioned the wagering requirements earlier in the article, so here's a closer look at how these work. Most casinos won't allow players to claim a bonus and then withdraw immediately. It's just not good for business! To stop that happening, they require players to bet a certain amount before the bonus money can be withdrawn. As winnings from free spins are usually treated as bonus money, the same applies to them.

Wagering Requirement Conditions

A common wagering requirement would be 30 times your bonus, or in this case, the amount you win from your free spins. So if you won €100 from your free spins, you must bet 100 x 30 = €3,000 on slot games on the site in order to be able to withdraw your money. You may look at that kind of figure and thinks it's impossible to reach, but in fact many people manage to cash out their bonus awards.

Top Tips to Beat the Casino

  1. Games like baccarat, blackjack, poker and roulette are no good for completing the wagering requirement.
  2. Play a slot game you like, preferably one that pays out often.
  3. Google the RTP of the game - this is the amount returned to the player on average, so the higher the better for you.
  4. Make sure that you are betting the minimum amount per spin as that gives you the best chance in the long run.

Follow our advice and you can beat the casino and cash out your free spins winnings.


Play with Free Spins at Guts Casino Players from US are not accepted

Guts Casino offers players 20 free spins
Automatic after registering.


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