The Ultimate Guide to Taking Advantage of Free Offers Online

You might think that the internet is a place to spend money - a world filled with various stores and other e-commerce sites, meaning that you can buy pretty much anything you want to. The money can flow both ways though, as the internet is a great Ways to get free stuff onlineplace to earn money, and this is something that many people manage to do with huge amounts of success.

Free offers are one of the best ways to add some cash to your bank account, and they come in many different forms. This comprehensive guide will look at many of the ways you can profit from free offers - even if you only use a couple of the ones listed below, you could find that your account balance starts to look much healthier!

Online Surveys

Surveys are the preferred way to make money online for many people, especially those without the time needed for more demanding tasks. It is free to sign-up with survey sites, and once signed up, you’ll have access to a huge number of different surveys. They each pay from a few pence to £5 each, so the more you complete, the more money you’ll make.\

Surveys don’t just lead to money though – they can also lead to loads of free products too. For example, if you are asked to complete a survey about a type of washing powder, they might send you the product through the post. This will save on your weekly shopping bill, or you could sell the items you’ve received.

User Testing

You might have heard of mystery shopping before, but did you know that the online world has something similar? Sites are keen to know exactly how good their offering is, and they offer people the chance to visit the site and record their views. This is usually done through a third-party site, and they have loads of sites for you to test out.

It generally takes around 20 minutes to review a site and, on average, you can expect to be paid about £5. Spend a full day doing this and you could earn an impressive amount of cash! Registration is a quick process, and it’s also completely free.

Friend Referrals

Are you a member of an online casino, or other gambling site? If so, you could earn money simply for getting your friends to sign-up with the site. This is usually called a Refer-a-Friend bonus, and it can be worth upwards of £50. Some sites even allow you to receive a percentage of the money your friend deposits, meaning you can earn loads if your friend is a heavy gambler.

Refer-a-Friend bonuses essentially work in the same way as affiliate marketing, which is where a website earns money for referring a visitor to a specific site. With Refer-a-Friend bonuses though, you don’t have to spend time and money creating your own website!


Comping is a term used in the competitions world, and it essentially means entering as many competitions as possible, regardless of the prize. Some online competitions offer thousands of pounds or holidays, while others have more modest prizes. Either way, competitions are free to enter, so anything you win can be counted as profit.

If you’re looking to enter loads of competitions, it is best to sign-up to a comping forum. By doing so, you won’t have to search the internet all day for competitions, as all new competitions will be posted on the forum. The result? You get to enter more competitions!

Discount Codes

When you shop online, you should rarely pay full price for an item. This is because there are loads of different discount codes out there, for all manner of different online shops. Finding them is really easy – just type in the store + discount code into Google, and you should find loads of sites listing coupon codes.

Of course, you will have to still pay some money for the item, however discounts of up to 50% are regularly found for some of the world’s biggest brands and stores. Make sure you also check the special offers page of a site as well, to see if there are any codes you can use.

Sell When Fees are Low

You’ve probably already used eBay before, and know that it’s a great way to make money. Always remember that they charge you fees though, and these can take away from the profit you make. Luckily though, eBay often offer fee free listings to their sellers, so you should store everything up until then.

Selling when there are no fees will probably only earn you a few pence per auction item, but this really does build up. If you were to sell 50 DVDs for example, eBay’s promotional offer would save you around £5.

Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses And Free Spins

Claim your free spins NowWe have left the best for last. This is a fun and lucrative way to make some cash online. This entire site is here to help you take advantage of all the free cash and spins online casinos offer out each and every day. Be sure sure visit our new bonuses page and free spins page. They will keep you going for weeks.

Most bonuses at online casinos require you to make a deposit, however there are a few that don’t require any deposit at all, and these are perfect for those looking to make money online. Turning this bonus money into real cash is a tough task, as you’ll have to make a large number of bets before the funds are withdrawable, however it certainly isn’t impossible.

But what exactly are free spins and no deposit bonuses? Well, free spins are promotions that give you a certain number of spins on a slot. The amount you bet per spin is usually predefined, and you will have to gamble the money you win a certain number of times. If you can meet this requirement though, any money left over when you finish is yours to keep.

No deposit bonuses are exactly what they sound like, as they are bonuses given to you by a site, without the need to ever make a deposit. As with the free spins, they also have a rollover requirement, and it is best to use bonus money on slots. No deposit bonuses aren’t usually that large, however they are free, so you can’t complain!

Those looking to make the most from this strategy make sure they sign-up with as many online gambling sites as possible. They will then get loads of free spins, bonus money, and much more. They’ll lose at the vast majority of sites, however they only need to be successful at one in order to make a profit.

If you’re looking to find out how to make money from free spins or no deposit bonuses, you’re on the right site, as we’ve got loads of information that should help you. Why not read through our fantastic guides today?

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