5 Questions That Help You Find The Best Casino Bonus

With a gazillion casinos and bonuses to choose from, how do you know which bonus is best for you?

Well, to find the right answer, one must often begin by asking the right question. In this article, we answer five critical questions that will help you find the best casino bonus every time.

#1. Are You New at Online Casinos or Relatively Experienced?

No deposit bonuses are suitable for all players as you can win real money without taking any risk whatsoever. However, if you already have a decent understanding of how casinos and their bonuses work, you may want to skip directly to the second question.

If you’re new to online casinos, you should start by claiming a no deposit bonus. This is a free sign-up bonus that you don’t have to deposit any money to claim.

Once you’ve registered with the casino, you’ll receive free bonus credits that you can use on various games or free spins on top-rated slots.

The most exciting part about these freebies is that you can win real money. Having said that, it’s important to know that this isn’t free cash that you simply can cash out instantly.

To convert your free bonus to real money, you must first play through the bonus several times. Read our article about wagering requirements to learn more about how this works.

Moreover, no deposit bonuses also have win caps restricting how much of your winnings you can withdraw. Therefore, you should never expect to win more than $200 with a no deposit bonus.

Nonetheless, these bonuses do allow you to get familiar with different casinos and games without sacrificing the thrill of winning real money. After all, that’s what casino games are all about, isn’t it?

Luckily, most casinos have no deposit bonuses.

Here are three casinos that’ll set you off to an excellent start:

#2. Do You Clearly Understand The Difference Between Different Casino Bonuses?

To find the best bonus, you must make an informed choice. In other words, you must know what types of casino bonuses there are and how they work.

So, without further ado, let’s break it down:

No deposit bonus credits

As we’ve explained, these are free bonuses that you receive as a sign-up incentive. Their win caps are generally low, and you must always wager your winnings to convert the bonus to real money.

  • Pros
  • Doesn’t cost you a cent
  • You can win real money
  • Cons
  • Relatively low win caps
  • Small bonus amounts

When you should claim a no deposit bonus: When you want to try a new casino for free and be able to freely chose which games to play.

No Deposit Free Spins

You receive free spins on popular slots instantly after you’ve signed up. Like free bonus credits, these free spins come with relatively low win caps and wagering requirements.

  • Pros
  • Doesn’t cost you a cent
  • You can win real money
  • Cons
  • Relatively low win caps
  • Few free spins

When to claim no deposit free spins: When you want to play top-rated slots for free or discover new games.

Match deposit bonus

The casino matches a percentage of your deposit with bonus credits.

For example, if you claim a 100% bonus up to $100, you’ll receive $100 worth of bonus credits. If you deposit more than $100, you still receive a $100 bonus as that’s the specified max amount.

These match bonuses come with wagering requirements but usually don’t have win caps.

However, it’s important to note the wagering requirements may apply to just the bonus sum or both your bonus and its qualifying deposit.

When the wagering requirement applies to both the bonus and your deposit, you’ll have a much harder time converting your bonus to real money.

  • Pros
  • Bigger bonuses
  • Removed win caps
  • Lowered wagering requirements
  • Cons
  • Not free
  • Wagering requirements may apply to your deposit

When to claim a match bonus: When you’re willing to make a deposit to benefit from a bigger bonus with better terms and conditions. Usually, this is the bonus to claim once you’ve used the casino’s no deposit bonus and decided you want to keep playing with the casino.

Match bonuses with added free spins

This is a two for one kind of deal. When you claim its Welcome match bonus, the casino will throw in a bunch of complimentary free spins.

In terms of sheer value, match bonuses with added free spins generally provide the best bang for your buck.

  • Pros
  • Best monetary value
  • Removed win caps
  • Lowered wagering requirements
  • Added free spins
  • Cons
  • Not free
  • Wagering requirements may apply to your deposit

When to claim a match bonus with added free spins: When you’re willing to play longer with a casino. If you want to benefit as much as possible from your deposit, these are the kinds of offers to look for.

Deposit Free Spins

You receive free spins when making a qualifying deposit. These free spins can be valid on one or several top-rated slots.

Depending on which casinos you’re playing with, you can get hundreds of free spins. You must wager your first free spin win, and there are no win caps.

As with match bonuses, the wagering requirement may apply only to your free spin win or both the win and your qualifying deposit.

  • Pros
  • Significantly more free spins than their no deposit counterparts
  • Top-rated games
  • Cons
  • Not free
  • Wagering requirements may apply to your deposit

When to claim deposit free spins: If you’re looking to play many spins on top-rated slots.

Wager-free bonuses

These are bonuses without wagering requirements. They can be match bonuses, no deposit bonuses or free spins. These bonuses are the most lucrative as you don’t have to play through your bonus or free spin win to cash out. Unfortunately, they’re also pretty scarce.

  • Pros
  • Instant cashouts
  • Win caps apply
  • Cons
  • Very rare

When to claim a wager-free bonus: If you’re looking to win real money with little effort, these are the kinds of bonuses to look for. Having said that, you’ll be restricted to an extremely limited selection.

Cash Back Bonuses

This is a match bonus that is credited retroactively as you wager real money.

These bonuses are usually offered in loyalty programmes and quite often have low or non-existent wagering requirements. You may want to consider these bonuses when you’re looking for a casino to stick with.

  • Pros
  • Usually, there are no-win caps
  • Ideal for regular play
  • Low wagering requirements
  • Cons
  • Not very common

When to claim: These bonuses are ideal when you play regularly and predominantly with one or a few selected casino sites.

#3. Are You Looking to Test Different Casinos or To Find One To Settle In For The Long-Term?

If you’re trying out different casino sites, you should look for bonuses with the lowest possible wagering requirements.

However, if you want to find a casino you can stick with for the long term, you may want to prioritise other aspects that are significant to your overall gaming experience.

Casinos vary in game selection, VIP programmes, payout times, customer support and the general user experience. And when picking a casino, you need to consider all these variables.

It’s also wise to check the casino’s promotional calendar. Does the casino add new promos regularly, and what are the offers like? And what about a VIP or loyalty programme? Are there any deals that incentivise you to keep playing and reward you for your loyalty?

In light of these aspects, the specific value and terms of a casino’s Welcome bonus may be less significant.

Use this checklist to quickly determine if you’re dealing with a top-notch casino:

  • Check the payment processing times – 24 hours or less is excellent, and 48 hours is acceptable. Anything beyond that is subpar.
  • Check what payment methods you can use – Make sure you can use payment methods you prefer. Remember that you often aren’t eligible for a bonus if you deposit with Skrill and Neteller.
  • Customer care - Is it open around the clock, and it is easy to get in touch?
  • User Experience and Mobile compatibility – How’s the user interface, and does it work well on smaller screens?
  • Frequent Promotions - Does the casino run frequent promotions, and is there a loyalty programme?

By following this checklist, you can quickly tell if the casino is suited for long-term play.

Here are three casinos that truly excel in all areas:

#4. Are You Looking to Play Slots or Table Games With your Bonus Money?

This is a very important question as casino games contribute differently to your wagering requirement.

Casinos apply game weighting – a term that describes the percentage of a bet contributing to your wagering requirement when you play a specific game.

Slots are usually fully weighted, meaning your entire stake count towards your wagering requirement. So, if you bet $20 on a slot, an equivalent amount is generally deducted from your wagering requirement.

However, table games and live casino games have game weighting percentages ranging from 10% to 30%.

If you bet $10 on a 10%-weighted game, only $10 is subtracted from your wagering requirement. Consequently, it becomes much more challenging to wager the bonus and win real money.

If you enjoy table games and live dealer games, you must check the casino’s game weighting percentages to ensure you have a reasonable chance to cash out your bonus. You may even want to consider trading a bigger bonus for a smaller one if the latter comes with more favourable game weighting percentages.

Here are three casinos with great game weighting percentages for table games and live casino games:

#5. How Much Should You Be Guided by The Bonuses’ Terms and Conditions?

Bonus terms are what make or break a bonus. However, there are many variables to consider and to find the best bonus you must take all aspects of its terms and conditions into account.

For starters, you should always look for the lowest possible wagering requirements. And whatever you do, avoid offers where the wagering requirement applies to both your bonus and its qualifying deposit.

You can follow these guidelines to tell if a casino’s wagering requirement is reasonable:

  • Below 30x – Rare, but phenomenal.
  • 30x to 35x - Great.
  • 35x to 40x – Good.
  • 40x to 50x - Okay.
  • 51x to 60x – High.
  • Above 60x – Look for another bonus.

Then, we have the win caps. As we’ve explained, they mainly apply to no deposit bonuses and range from $10 to $200 - and you obviously want them to be as high as possible.

If you’re not into live casino games or table games, you don’t have to bother about game weighting percentages. However, if these games are your first-hand choice, game weighting percentages become one of the most critical aspects to consider.

Finally, you need to consider the eligible games. All casinos exclude specific games from bonus wagering, and you should always make sure you can use your bonus on games you enjoy.

You can find a casino’s excluded games listed in its terms and conditions and our reviews.

Follow This Checklist to Pick The Best Bonus Every Time

By sticking to the key points highlighted in this article, you can be sure to find the best bonus for you.

Always go through this simple checklist to ensure you pick the best bonus every time:

  • Look for low wagering requirements and high win caps.
  • Claim no deposit bonuses when you want to try new casinos.
  • Avoid bonuses with wagering requirements applied to both the bonus and its qualifying deposit.
  • When considering a match bonus, look for one with complimentary free spins.
  • Read our reviews and consider all aspects when you’re looking for a casino to stick with. If you’re too eager to get going, quickly check if there’s a loyalty programme, regular promotions and a good game selection.
  • Love table games and live casino games? Remember to check the weighting percentages!


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