No Registration / No Account Online Casinos 2020

No Account Casinos

Does anyone really love filling online forms over and over again? Not really. But if you are a regular online casino player, registration forms were a necessary evil that you had to put up with. But all that has changed with the rise of no registration casinos, and you can read all about them right here.

Top No Registration Casinos

All of these casinos let you play for real money with no account registration required.

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Online registrations are a drag

Don't you just hate it when every other webpage or online service you visit asks you to register? Time is already in short supply in this life, and we all seem to be spending an awful amount of it filling up forms.

The worst of it all are the usernames and passwords we have to remember, for each casino. They should actually make a law that limits the number of accounts and passwords a person has to create during their lives!

It feels even worse when you have to put up with this sort of torture when all you want to do is sit back, relax and have fun playing a few rounds on your favorite slots, or casino games.

Privacy is also an issue

For the most part, it is not just a problem of convenience either. The web is certainly not the safest place, and it probably never will be. Even if you restrict your casino gaming activities to reliable and reputed websites, there is always a chance of a data breach.

So what is the alternative? Stick to a single casino or two forever? While that may appeal to some folks, there are surely others out there who like going from casino to casino, checking out unique new games and even more unique casino bonuses.

There is light at the end of the tunnel

This is where you need to learn about the concept of no registration casinos. They behave exactly as advertised by that name - you are not asked to fill up any forms or waste your time with registrations at these casinos.

How do they do it? Well, there are two different methods actually, and we will tell you all about them in the following sections.

For starters here are the two types of online casinos where you can simply show up and start playing without worrying about accounts, user ids, and passwords:

No account casinos

No account or no registration casinos are a relatively new phenomenon among online casinos. These are just like regular casinos as far as games, promotions, and web interfaces are concerned. You can open them on your web browser, and play for real cash if you prefer.

The only difference is that these legal casinos do not ask you for any personal information or registration up front. How is that possible, you might ask since legal casinos have to take measures to prevent money laundering and other illegal activities?

Bitcoin Casinos

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past ten years or so, you probably know about the existence of bitcoin at the very least. There are many other cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin, and they all offer extreme privacy and security to cash transactions.

Often called the future of all online transactions, bitcoin has impacted many online fields, including casino gaming.

The first bitcoin casino was opened sometime in 2013. Since then, these anonymous bitcoin casinos, commonly called crypto casinos, have only increased in popularity and numbers. They offer some features that traditional online casinos simply can't, including lightning-fast transactions without any fees.

Let's start with the latest trend sweeping the online casino scene in Europe:

No Account Casinos

Needs BankID & Trustly

No Account Casinos

No-account casinos do not allow just anyone to play and win cash at their websites. If you want to access their services, you still have to perform a quick login, using your existing BankID. If you are not from Sweden or other nearby countries in Europe, you probably don't know what a bank ID is.

It is just your online ID created and issued by banks in Europe. No account casinos partner with this BankID system.

When you log into BankID from the casino site (it takes only a few seconds), the casino automatically creates your account and profile based on your BankID details. This means that you can start playing games from the get-go!

No Account Casinos FAQ


Are no account casinos available outside Europe?

Unfortunately, these type of legal casinos are only found in Europe and in specific countries. You have to be a resident of Sweden, Finland, or Germany to make use of this amazing technology at the moment.

But this is a common technology that is available easily all around the world. It won't be long before more casino operators start offering the same features everywhere.

What do I need to start playing at a no account casino?

The current system in Europe is based on BankID, with Trustly as the only payment partner powering this arrangement between casinos and BankID. So naturally, you will need to have an existing BankID and Trustly account to start playing at no account casinos. The situation may change in the future as other similar services enter the arena, but as of now, this is the only way.

Is it legal to play at a no registration casino?

Yes, no account casinos are completely legal and in compliance with local gambling laws in Europe. But as in any other business, there might be fake sites out there looking to scam you. You can identify these by learning the hallmarks of a legit no account casino.

Always look for European licenses, based in countries like Malta or Sweden. Since no account is a European phenomenon, only these Gambling Commissions have legalized the arrangement.

You can also see if the casino website has the partner logos prominently featured. These include Trustly and BankID. When you start playing at these casinos, they will ask you to sign into your BankID. Legit sites will redirect you to the official BankID page.

Are no account casinos safe?

Yes, in fact, they are safer than your average online casino. BankID is an extremely secure platform that protects the data of more than 70% of all citizens in Sweden! It is connected to major banks and offer the best in class security and data protection. So any casino that is allowed to link with this system will also have similar security features.

Bitcoin Casinos - the anonymous alternative

Bitcoin Casinos

Hassle-free registration

As for accounts and registration, bitcoin casinos used to be more liberal than regular casinos. Often, all they ask for is an email ID and password. With the modern no-registration bitcoin casinos, even this is not necessary.

Instead of asking you to fill any data, the system generates an instant username which you can use to access your bitcoin wallet to add funds. If you want more security, you can add a password and email ID. This is useful if you plan to use the casino for extended periods.

No Registration Bitcoin Casinos FAQ


Are bitcoin casinos legal?

Bitcoin is just another mode of payment, which is legal in most parts of the world. Casinos can use bitcoin with a valid license in regions where online gambling is legal. But then, they will have to comply with laws related to money laundering, etc, which might require players to reveal their ID during the cash withdrawal process.

Many bitcoin casinos do freely operate outside this system since bitcoin transactions are hard to trace. But how reliable these casinos are is a question that is open to debate. If you live in a territory where online gambling is legal, you should have no trouble finding legal no-registration bitcoin casinos.

Do I need a credit card or bank account for bitcoin casinos?

No, most popular bitcoin casinos focus heavily on privacy and anonymity. So they do not even offer other payment options like credit cards or banks even as an alternative. Having a credit card or bank account will not help you get into crypto casinos like these.

For that, you will need to download a bitcoin wallet and buy some coins from a bitcoin exchange. You can find these exchanges all over the internet. And if you are a true beginner to the scene, we recommend that you do some careful research and reading on the subject online first.

There are plenty of reliable sources on the topic of bitcoin for beginners. Just google and you should be able to find them.

How anonymous are Bitcoin transactions?

No transfer of data on the internet is truly anonymous. Bitcoin transactions are not linked to your personal ID or address, unlike credit cards or banks.

But they are still linked to a specific wallet and can be traced if you use a single wallet all the time. If you want extra privacy, it is recommended that you change your bitcoin wallets from time to time.

These are exciting times for online casino gaming. The industry is slowly upgrading to keep pace with the rapid innovations in technology. As our lives get busier and faster, we end up having less time to enjoy the things we love, like online casino gaming. No account casinos are a step in the right direction, both in terms of convenience as well as privacy.